An Elegant “Alice in Wonderland” Bridal Shower

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Looking for a bridal shower theme that is playful, tasteful and elegant? This is it!

Alice In Wonderland Table Display by Royal Table Settings

Creating an adultAlice In Wonderland” tea party is a tricky balance. You don’t want to make it childlike, but you want to pull all the wonderful elements from the book/movie that make it fun and playful. This bridal shower created a perfect harmony with details down to the last teacup! Let’s go down the rabbit hole and see how this room was transformed…

Alice in Wonderland Centerpiece With Hat and Tea Cups by Royal Table SettingsVenue & Tables

Venue at Start of Creation by Royal Table Settings An amazing venue is a great way to start. The room was large enough for one enormous table just like the movie, but we choose two large tables to make it easier to socialize. “Light blue” table linens were placed on top of floor length “white” linens to remind us of Alice’s soft blue and white dress.
I recommend clients to pull the chairs away from the table, making it easier to place decorations and tableware. Additionally, setting your table from the center out prevents bumping plates and glasses.    

Paper Elements

12 x 12 scrapbooking paper by “The Paper Studio” was used as table runners and placemats to incorporate different sections from the book/movie. Cut and tape together to your table size as needed.

The “Wood Fence” paper is used in the north, middle and south ends of the table to remind us of the forest where Alice sees the rabbit, meets the Cheshire Cat and other Tulgey forest characters (three per table recommended).

Between the north/south and middle of the table is the “Black & Cream Diamonds” paper. The harlequin pattern reminds us of the King & Queen along with the Playing Card characters (two per table recommended).

                      scrapbook          scrapbook image       scrapbook image

Mismatched flower pattern paper is used around the table as placemats for each guest. The flower patterns provided a touch of color and are reminiscent of the garden where Alice attended the tea party (one per guest recommended).

So many little details! Floor plan with location of table runners and more:

floor planDecorations & Tableware

The head table had “Ali in Wonderland” spelled out, honoring Ali, the bride, instead of “Alice in Wonderland”. The letters in “Ali in Wonderland” were spelled out using 8 ¼” individual Paper Mache Letters pasted with pieces of “Red Roses” scrapbook paper.

Individual Letters with roses

Forest Sections

The beautiful white rabbit with soft pink accents from Hobby Lobby was a perfect vintage, but elegant look for the event. rabbit on cut log and paper start of designJute string was gently tied around the neck of the rabbit. Each end of the string connected to a pocket watch sticker and a craft brown tag with the words “I’m late” rubber stamped on it. One large wood slice is placed in a corner of the paper. Preserved moss is added around the wood slice (moss can get messy, I recommend opening the bag on a different table, then placing clumps onto a cookie tray. cut wood with moss and how to transfer Next, bring the tray with moss over to the wood slice and transfer one clump at time to reduce dust. If the table gets a little dusty, use a lint roller to clean it up). Add polished river stones around the moss and wood. Next place two fresh stems of green fern underneath the rabbit. Add one rose popping out between the legs of the rabbit (to add a splash of color, a little height and to pull the rose theme together). Some sections had a few brown butterflies laid on top. key imageNext, add one vintage vase with red roses, one 7” x 3” large brown metal key and for a more polished look, add a porcelain creamer & sugar bowl set.

Finished "wood" section for Alice in Wonderland by Royal Table Settings

Harlequin Sections

One large wood slice was used to elevate the different antique silver teapots filled with mixed flowers. Antique Silver Coffee Pot with FlowersThree crystal vintage vases filled with flowers are placed randomly on the diamond pattern paper. One cream wall clock (with “Red Roses” scrapbook paper was glued to the back) was leaned next to the large Mad Hatter hat. Wall clock imageA single regular size playing card is slipped into the hat’s red ribbon next to the soft pink silk flowers (hot glued into place). Jumbo deck of playing cards (magician size) was placed under the black cake stand with “Dusty Rose Pink” paper doily on top. Two jumbo size playing cards were also added to the gold table number stands (these were held down with glue dots).

Next, two vintage style glass bottles (with corks) were filled with water and food coloring (pink and light blue). Around the bottle necks, jute string attached craft brown tags cleverly rubber stamped with the expression “drink me”!

Drink Me Bottles,Tea Cups and Clock 

The crowning touch was to place two sets of mismatched porcelain teacups & saucers sets stacked on top of each other along with one on top of the hat! 






 tea cups with cupcakes

Place Settings & Serving Ware

Since salads were planned to be served at this luncheon, each place setting had a salad fork, knife and white napkin. Mismatched porcelain bread and butter plates were placed in the left-hand corner to allow guests to help themselves to desserts from the Gold Framed High Tea Stands (four stands were placed between the centerpieces on each table).

Place Setting examples with High Tea Stand and "Wood" centerpiece

Crystal Cake Stands (two for each table) were additionally added to showcase 10 Porcelain Egg Cups (filled with berries) for a unique touch. A small water glass and a mismatched porcelain teacup & saucer set was placed in the right-hand corner. Salad plates were brought out later by the waitstaff.

China and Place Settings set upLastly, a personal touch for each guest was a unique place card. Each card was made with one regular size playing card, one soft pink cardstock (cut to the same size of the playing card). The guest’s name was cleverly rubber stamped onto the pink cardstock and a sheer gold ribbon pulled it all together (due to the thickness of the paper and playing card, I recommend hole punching each individually). Don’t forget to save the “Queen of Hearts” for the bride!  

Special Touches For The Bride

Bride's Place Mat with Teacup and Bread and Butter PlateThe Bride’s placemat had “Red Roses” scrapbook paper with her new wedding initials cut out. A different scrapbook paper underneath peaked through.

Brides Special Chair with Mad Hatter HatAn elegant chair was placed at her seat and a Mad Hatter hat was transformed into a bride’s hat with ivory ribbon, ivory tulle and different sizes of ivory silk flowers (all hot glued into place). 

The 5’ tall signposts were placed near the gift table. The signposts were handmade and painted in light pink and blue. Playful words from the book were added with a black marker.

                        Alice in Wonderland Sign Posts Pink and Blue      Alice in Wonderland Sign Posts Pink and Blue

A Fun Activity For The Guests

Teacup Note for BrideLastly, a small table had a fun activity for guests to write a note to the bride and groom. The sign informed guests to: “Please give Ali and Alex some “TEA-RIFIC marital advice for a “WONDER-FUL marriage.” Guest wrote on light blue paper, cut in oval scalloped shapes and placed into an oversize teacup.

The Completed Room

Royal Table Settings assisted with styling, set up and provided vintage rentals. Special thanks to Lisa G. who created the table design, crafted and hunted for all the “Alice in Wonderland” items from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Amazon and Michael’s crafts.

Alice In Wonderland Finished Look Long Table Shot by Royal Table Settings

Rabbit with watch and "I'm Late" card Mad Hatter Hat with Teacup on top!

Royal Table Settings is happy to help re-create this event for your next bridal shower, birthday party, corporate event or fundraiser. Contact us today and we be happy to provide you a custom quote and a free 1-hour in person consultation today

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