Terms & Conditions for Royal Table Settings

Royal Table Settings, LLC - Rental Terms, Conditions & Rental Order

IMPORTANT – Read and accept the following Rental Terms, Conditions and the Rental Order which form the Rental Agreement & Order and are binding upon Customer: 

I. Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. Customer's agreement to rent and pay for Equipment. Customer shall use all property in a careful and proper manner, shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and shall return the property in the same condition and good repair as when received. Customer's agreement to assume all risk, risk of loss and damage to the property from any cause whatsoever. 
  2. Customer acknowledges that the rental items is of a size, design, and capacity selected by Customer, and that Royal Table Settings, LLC disclaims all warranties express or implied with respect to the rental property, including any express or implied warranties as to condition, fitness for a particular purpose or durability. The Customer acknowledges that Royal Table Settings, LLC is not the manufacturer or designer of all rental items. Customer will take safe steps when working with hot beverage dispenser, open flames from chafing dishes, or any items that may cause damage to tables, floors or self if not handled safely and appropriately and as instructed per manufacturer. Customer should use potholders, cork pads, table pads, or other means necessary to protect tabletops and floors from damage. Under no circumstances will Royal Table Settings, LLC be liable for any incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the rental property / event location.
  3. Responsibility of the rentals, bins / boxes (containers) and packing material, remains with the Customer from the time of delivery until the time of return. Customer agrees that all rentals, containers and packing material are protected from weather at all times and secured when not in use. Assignment and subletting by Customer prohibited. At time of receiving rentals, Customer will inspect, maintain and "protect" (and sometimes repair) the equipment and return it to the lessor in good ("rental-ready") condition (with the exception of washing items). Customer must provide two forms of identification, one of which is a valid / current US government issued photo ID at time of delivery or picking up. A copy (aka: picture or photocopy) will be taken for insurance purposes. Photograph of Customer is also taken. Copy will be destroyed upon conclusion of the contract. Customer agrees to not discard packing material. Delivery is deemed to happen at the time the Customer takes possession of the ordered items. This includes Royal Table Settings, LLC delivering ordered items to the event location, delivering items to a third-party location (such as caterer, florist, or event planner), and/or Customer “Pick Up” from a Royal Table Settings, LLC location. Return is deemed to happen at the time an authorized Royal Table Settings, LLC representative takes possession of the ordered items. This includes Royal Table Settings, LLC retrieving ordered items from an event location, retrieving items from a third-party location (such as caterer, florist, or event planner), and/or Customer returning ordered items to a Royal Table Settings, LLC location.
  4. All rental items must be returned to Royal Table Settings, LLC within the rental period specified on the Rental Confirmation Order. Customer will receive an email with “Drop Off” time and “Pick Up” time. If these times need to be altered, the Customer will provide updates to Royal Table Settings, LLC by email 48 hours prior to start of event at: RoyalTableSettings[at]hotmail.com. Customer will have extended rental charges of full amount of the rental for each 24-hour period it is late. If equipment is not returned within 3 days of the “Drop Off” date listed on email confirmation and per Rental Agreement, such failure shall constitute an unauthorized taking and Royal Table Settings, LLC may consider such equipment stolen and take all steps necessary to recover said items, including charging the Customer at cost price thereof and shall be due upon billing in addition to the rental charges.
  5. Royal Table Settings, LLC Delivery: Delivery includes “Drop Off” of bins containing items on the rental order at one location. Delivery to additional locations can be arranged for an additional delivery charge per location. “Pick Up” includes retrieval of bins/boxes containing items on the rental order from one location. “Pick Up” from additional locations can be arranged for an additional “Pick Up” charge per location. Delivery costs are non-refundable. Customer ensures the delivery site is reasonably safe, secure and accessible. Parking, entry fees, permits and/or access to a venue needs to be obtained / supplied by the Customer. If equipment is to be dropped off at event / jobsite in a Customer's absence (at the Customer's request), the Customer assumes all risk of loss, damage or destruction prior to taking actual possession and accepts Royal Table Settings, LLC statements regarding status, condition and quantities as of the date / time the equipment is dropped off. Delivery is for 1st floor of venue/home at an arranged time. If no elevator, per step fee will be quoted. If pickup is after 10 pm, a Late-Night Pickup will be charged will be stated on contract.
  6. Customer Will Call/“Pick Up” and “Drop Off”: Customer is welcome to “Pick Up” and “Drop Off” at our premises at an arranged time, at no cost. Customer agrees to furnish a covered vehicle for any “Pick Up”. Customer understands that these items are fragile and must be treated with extreme care. Customer is responsible for paying for own delivery costs for picking up and returning items. If you need Royal Table Settings, LLC to “Pick Up” your items due to emergency or other unforeseen circumstance, the cost of delivery will be tripled and deducted from your deposit. Customer indemnifies and holds Royal Table Settings, LLC harmless for all injuries and damages arising from loading and/or unloading of rented equipment
  7. In the event a rental item is returned to Royal Table Settings, LLC stained, damaged, or in broken condition, Customer will be charged three (3) times the rental cost of the piece. Customer agrees to provide a valid credit card number at time of reservation, which will be charged by Royal Table Settings, LLC to pay for any such damages. Damage fees will be deducted from security deposit first and then to the credit card on file. Royal Table Settings, LLC will make a reasonable effort to notify Customer of damage fees before the credit card is charged.
  8. Linen rentals: When delivering or picking-up linens, you are responsible for verifying that you are receiving the appropriate number. All linens must be returned in the supplied laundry bags, free from any burns, wax, tears, pins, tacks, abrasions, etc. The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged items. Shake out any loose debris from linen (food, petals, decorations, etc.). Failure to remove all loose debris will result in a fee of $2 per linen. We reserve the right to make final inspection of linens when we perform our cleaning/pressing procedure. Once the linens are reserved there cannot be any cancellations allowed no exceptions.
  9. A security deposit is required for all rentals and is due at time of booking. The security deposit will be refunded once all items are returned and Royal Table Settings, LLC staff check the items for any breakages or damages. In the unlikely event that a breakage or damage occurs, Royal Table Settings, LLC will withhold the amount owing for those breakages or damages and only the balance will be refunded to Customer. Typically, security deposits are returned to Customer in the form of credit card or check and are refunded to you approximately 3-5 business days from day items are returned.
  10. Rental items will be reserved after Royal Table Settings, LLC confirms availability, Customer agrees to all Terms & Conditions by checking the box at checkout (if in person by signing rental agreement) and paying a security deposit. The final balance will be charged 14 days prior to the scheduled reservation date and is non-refundable.
  11. Customer agrees not to use vintage items from any source other than Royal Table Settings, LLC including but not limited to china, teacups, glassware, floral containers, flatware, and/or linens at the event without express written consent by Royal Table Settings, LLC in order to prevent ownership disputes and loss. Customer also agrees not to use steak knives which can damaging serving wares, plates, etc.
  12. Customer acknowledges that the rental property is of a size, design and capacity selected by Customer and that Royal Table Settings, LLC has not made and does not make any representation, warranty, or covenant, express or implied, with respect to the condition, quality, durability or suitability of the property. Customer acknowledges has received all necessary training and instructions (instructions may be available via download). Royal Table Settings, LLC shall not be liable to Customer for any loss, injury, or damage caused directly or indirectly by the rental property, by any inadequacy thereof, or defect therein.
  13. Customer acknowledges that some of Royal Table Settings, LLC’s inventory items are one-of-a-kind items. Royal Table Settings, LLC reserves the right to substitute an ordered item with another item of similar form, fit and function in the event an inventory is no longer available because of loss or damage caused directly or indirectly to the ordered item.
  14. Customer shall not return the rental property to any individual(s) other than an authorized Royal Table Settings, LLC representative and shall require reasonable identification from such individual(s) prior to surrendering possession.
  15. Customer agrees to be bound by the cancellation policy of Royal Table Settings, LLC. Cancellation / Reschedule policy: Orders which are cancelled 60 days or more before the event will be charged 20% of the contract amount as a cancellation fee; the remainder can be refunded or applied to another order within 12 months of the original event date. Orders cancelled 60 days or less before the event will be charged a 50% cancellation fee; the remainder cannot be refunded but can be applied to another order within 12 months of the original event date. Cancellation fees are charged to the credit card number provided at the time of the order.
  16. Customer shall indemnity, defense and hold harmless Royal Table Settings, LLC against any claim, action, damages, and liability, including attorneys’ fees, arising or connected with Customer’s use and possession of the rental property. Customer agrees to apply local law and litigate in a local court.
  17. Customer agrees that changes to numbers of place settings, serving ware, flatware, glassware, linens and specialty items cannot exceed a 15 percent decrease to the number. Royal Table Settings, LLC will need Customer final guest numbers 14 days prior to event. Customer understands that Royal Table Settings, LLC makes no guarantee that there will be additional inventory available.
  18. Styling and setup of items is an additional service that must be prearranged with Royal Table Settings, LLC. 
  19. Customer agrees to Refund, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service statements that appear in the footer of your checkout page.
  20. Larger-print version of these Terms & Conditions are available upon request.
  21. Illinois does not charge tax on rentals unless your event is in the city limits of Chicago (which is 9%).  You will not see this charge at check out. Taxes will be assessed after we receive your order.  A separate invoice will be sent to you.
  22. Customer authorizes Royal Table Settings, LLC to charge his/her credit card per Terms & Conditions.